asn1_der_coding(3) API function


#include <libtasn1.h>

asn1_retCode asn1_der_coding(ASN1_TYPE element, const char * name, void * ider, int * len, char * ErrorDescription);


ASN1_TYPE element
pointer to an ASN1 element
const char * name
the name of the structure you want to encode (it must be inside *POINTER).
void * ider
vector that will contain the DER encoding. DER must be a pointer to memory cells already allocated.
int * len
number of bytes of *ider: ider[0]..ider[len-1], Initialy holds the sizeof of der vector.
char * ErrorDescription


Creates the DER encoding for the NAME structure (inside *POINTER structure).


ASN1_SUCCESS if DER encoding OK, ASN1_ELEMENT_NOT_FOUND if name is not a valid element, ASN1_VALUE_NOT_FOUND if there is an element without a value, ASN1_MEM_ERROR if the ider vector isn't big enough and in this case len will contain the length needed.


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