bbdate.conf(5) bbdate configuration file




By default bbdate reads the Blackbox style-file as defined in ~/.blackboxrc and copies as much of the style as possible. The result is an application which looks a lot like the toolbar.

Reconfigure bbdate

If the resource bbdate.autoConfig is set to true the tool will periodically check if the main config files, ~/.blackboxrc for Blackbox users and the file specified in ~/.bbtoolsrc for other WM's to see if they have changed. If so bbdate will reconfigure.

Copying the look of the Blackbox toolbar

bbdate automatically copies the style of the blackbox toolbar. It copies:

toolbar -> bbdate.frame
toolbar.label -> bbdate.label
toolbar.color -> bbdate.frame.color
toolbar.colorTo -> bbdate.frame.colorTo
toolbar.label.color -> bbdate.label.color
toolbar.label.colorTo -> bbdate.label.colorTo
toolbar.textColor -> bbdate..textColor


If ~/.bbtoolsrc is defined bbdate won't copy the blackbox style.


Jan Schaumann <[email protected]> - this man page
Chris Gibson <[email protected]> - minor man page revisions for Debian