Bundle::Apache2(3) Install Apache mod_perl2 and related modules


"perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Apache2'"


Bundle::ApacheTest - Needs for testing

CGI 3.11 - Used in testing (it's in core, but some vendors exclude it)

Chatbot::Eliza - Used in testing

Compress::Zlib - Used in testing

Devel::Symdump - Symbol table browsing with Apache::Status

HTML::HeadParser - Used in testing

IPC::Run3 - Used in testing

LWP - Used in testing


This bundle contains modules used by Apache mod_perl2.

Asking CPAN.pm to install a bundle means to install the bundle itself along with all the modules contained in the CONTENTS section above. Modules that are up to date are not installed, of course.


mod_perl 2 development team