caja-actions-run(1) execute an action on the specified target


caja-actions-run [OPTION]


caja-actions-run runs specific caja-actions on a given file or folder. More than one target may be specified. This program is intended to be used on the command-line for scripting caja actions.


Help options
-?, -h, --help Show help options
--help-all Show all help options
--help-misc Show miscellaneous options
Miscellaneous options
-v, --version Output the version number
Application options
-i, --id=STRING The internal identifier of the action to be launched.
-t, --target=URI A file or folder to run the action on (more than one may be specified).


caja-actions has been derived from nautilus-actions which has been written by Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo[AT]>, Frederic Ruaudel <grumz[AT]>, Pierre Wieser <pwieser[AT]>, and contributors.

The porting work to the MATE desktop environment under the extension name caja-actions has been done by Wolfgang Ulbrich <chat-to-me[at]>.

This manual page was written Vangelis Mouhtsis <vangelis[AT]>, for the Debian MATE Packaging Team, and may be used by others.


Both the caja-actions source code and this man page are licensed under the GNU General Public License (v2 or higher).