CGI::Simple::Util(3) Internal utilities used by CGI::Simple module


$escaped = escapeHTML('In HTML you need to escape < > " and & chars');
$unescaped = unescapeHTML('&lt;&gt;&quot;&amp;');
$url_encoded = escape($string);
$decoded = unescape($url_encoded);


CGI::Simple::Util contains essentially non public subroutines used by CGI::Simple. There are HTML and URL escape and unescape routines that may be of some use.

An internal object is used to store a number of system specific details to enable the escape routines to be accurate.


Original version copyright 1995-1998, Lincoln D. Stein. All rights reserved. Originally copyright 2001 Dr James Freeman <[email protected]> This release by Andy Armstrong <[email protected]>

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