diodload(8) create artificial diod load


diodload [OPTIONS] [-s NAME]


diodload connects to a diod server and issues requests. Unless changed with -g, each thread copies from ctl:zero to ctl:null. Note that the "ctl" synthetic file system must be explicitly exported.


-s, --server NAME
The server in IP[:PORT], HOST[:PORT], or /path/to/socket form default localhost:564).
-m, --msize SIZE
Specifiy the maximum size of a protocol unit (default 65536).
-r, --runtime SECS
Specify the runtime in seconds (default 10).
-n, --numthreads NUM
Specify the number of concurrent threads making requests (default 16).
-g, --getattr
Issue a stream of getattrs on ctl:null instead of the default load.