Dist::Zilla::Prereqs(3) the prerequisites of a Dist::Zilla distribution


version 4.300020


Dist::Zilla::Prereqs is a subcomponent of Dist::Zilla. The "prereqs" attribute on your Dist::Zilla object is a Dist::Zilla::Prereqs object, and is responsible for keeping track of the distribution's prerequisites.

In fact, a Dist::Zilla::Prereqs object is just a thin layer over a CPAN::Meta::Prereqs object, stored in the "cpan_meta_prereqs" attribute.

Almost everything this object does is proxied to the CPAN::Meta::Prereqs object, so you should really read how that works.

Dist::Zilla::Prereqs proxies the following methods to the CPAN::Meta::Prereqs object:

  • finalize
  • is_finalized
  • requirements_for
  • as_string_hash



  $prereqs->register_prereqs(\%arg, %prereqs);

This method adds new minimums to the prereqs object. If a hashref is the first arg, it may have entries for "phase" and "type" to indicate what kind of prereqs are being registered. (For more information on phase and type, see CPAN::Meta::Spec.) For example, you might say:

    { phase => 'test', type => 'recommends' },
    'Test::Foo' => '1.23',
    'XML::YZZY' => '2.01',

If not given, phase and type default to runtime and requires, respectively.


Ricardo SIGNES <[email protected]>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Ricardo SIGNES.

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