Jifty::Action::Record::Search(3) Automagic search action


The class is a base class for Jifty::Actions that serve to provide an interface to general searches through Jifty::Record objects. To use it, subclass it and override the "record_class" method to return the fully qualified name of the model to do searches over.



Remove validators from arguments, as well as ``mandatory'' restrictions. Remove any arguments that render as password fields, or refer to collections.

Generate additional search arguments for each field based on the following criteria:

"text", "char" or "varchar" fields
Create "field"_contains and "field"_lacks arguments
"date", or "timestamp" fields
Create "field"_before, "field"_after, "field"_since and "field"_until arguments.
"integer", "float", "double", "decimal" or "numeric" fields
Generate "field"_lt, "field"_gt, "field"_le and "field"_ge arguments, as well as a "field"_dwim field that accepts a prefixed comparison operator in the search value, such as ">100" and "!100".


Return a collection with the result of the search specified by the given arguments.

We interpret a "undef" argument as SQL "NULL", and ignore empty or non-present arguments.


Jifty is Copyright 2005-2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Jifty is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.