kmos_gen_reflines(7) Create REFLINES calibration file


esorex kmos_gen_reflines [OPTIONS] FILE.sof


This recipe is used to generate the REFLINES calibration file.

The sof file contains the name of the input ASCII file tagged with REFLINES_TXT.

The ASCII file must contain seven columns like the output of:
    dtfits -d -s ' ' kmos_wave_ref_table.fits The six column titles are: FILTER|DETECTOR|WAVELENGTH|REFERENCE| OFFSET| RANGE| CUT The entries are like:
    HK       3   1.79196        0    210     20    577
    HK       3   2.25365        4    427     15     71
    HK       3   2.06129       -1   1313     50    140
    HK       3   2.32666        4    594     15     32
    IZ       1  0.912547       -1    775     80   4000
    IZ       1  0.966044       -1   1150     80   2000
    IZ       1   1.04729       -1   1730     80    200
    IZ       1   1.06765        2    128     40     80

This recipe produces 1 file: First product: the table with the configuration for the model.


Note that it is possible to create a configuration file containing these options, along with suitable default values. Please refer to the details provided by the 'esorex --help' command.


kmos_gen_reflines 1.3.19


Yves Jung <[email protected]>


Please report any problems to [email protected] Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department <[email protected]>.


This file is part of the CRIRES Instrument Pipeline Copyright (C) 2002,2003 European Southern Observatory

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