Lire::Test::DlfAnalyserTestCase(3) Base class for writing DlfAnalyser unit tests


use base qw/ Lire::Test::DlfAnalyserTestCase /;
use MyAnalyser;
use File::Basename;
sub create_analyser {
return new MyAnalyser();
sub schemasdir {
return dirname( __FILE__ ) . "../..";
sub registration_file {
return dirname( __FILE__ ) . "../../myanalyser_init";


This is a Test::Unit::TestCase subclass which can be used to easily write tests for DlfAnalyser. This class implements what is needed to provide the necessary fixture in the set_up() and tear_down().

It provides two base tests: test_api() and test_registration_file().

The test class needs to implement three methods to help complete the fixture.


These are the methods that subclasses will usually override to provide the necessary data so that the DlfAnalyser test fixtures be setup.


This should return the script that is responsible for registring the analyser with the Lire::PluginManager. This is used by the default test_registration_file().


This method should returns the directory which hold the schemas used by the analyser. This will be added to the lr_schemas_path configuration variable.


This should return an instance of the Lire::DlfAnalyser instance to test.

Mock Converter Process

create_mock_process( [ $store ])

This method will return a MockDlfAnalyserProcess which can be use to help test the DlfAnalyser. All values to write_dlf() and error(), are saved and can be queried through the dlf() and errors() methods. Note that the dlf() method returns an array reference of array reference. The first element in the inner arrays is the dlf and the other elements are the related DLF id, if any.

The mock process analyser_instance() method which returns the DlfAnalyser created by create_analyser() and associated to its instance.

The optional $store parameter should be a Lire::DlfStore instance that will be available through the dlf_store() method.



Make sure that all methods required by Lire::DlfAnalyser are implemented. It also tests that the src_schema() and dst_schema() are available.

It checks that description() formats correctly as DocBook.


Checks that the registration script correctly registers the analyser with the PluginManager.


Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>


$Id:,v 1.3 2006/07/23 13:16:31 vanbaal Exp $


Copyright (C) 2004 Stichting LogReport Foundation [email protected]

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