mfsdeleattr(1) get, set or delete extra attributes

Other Alias

mfsgeteattr, mfsseteattr


mfsgeteattr [-r] [-n|-h|-H] OBJECT...

mfsseteattr [-r] [-n|-h|-H] -f ATTRNAME [-f ATTRNAME ...] OBJECT...

mfsdeleattr [-r] [-n|-h|-H] -f ATTRNAME [-f ATTRNAME ...] OBJECT...


mfsgeteattr, mfsseteattr and mfsdeleattr tools are used to get, set or delete some extra attributes. Attributes are described below.



This option enables recursive mode.

-n, -h, -H

These options are described in mfstools(1).



This flag means, that particular object belongs to current user (uid and gid are equal to uid and gid values of accessing process). Only root (uid=0) sees the real uid and gid.


This flag means, that standard file attributes such as uid, gid, mode, length and so on won't be stored in kernel cache.


This flag is similar to above. It prevents directory entries from being cached in kernel.


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