Module::ScanDeps::DataFeed(3) Runtime dependency scanning helper


(internal use only)


No user-serviceable parts inside.

This module is used by the Module::ScanDeps run- and compile-time scanners. It is included in the code run by "Module::ScanDeps" and will write a string of loaded modules and @INC entries to a file. This is achieved using an "END {}" hook.

Implementation might change, so don't use it outside of Module::ScanDeps!


Edward S. Peschko <[email protected]>, Audrey Tang <[email protected]>, to a lesser degree Steffen Mueller <[email protected]>

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Copyright 2004-2009 by Edward S. Peschko <[email protected]>, Audrey Tang <[email protected]>, Steffen Mueller <[email protected]>

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