mouse_getx(3) query the mouse state

Other Alias

mouse_gety, mouse_getbutton


#include <vgamouse.h>

int mouse_getx(void);
int mouse_gety(void);
int mouse_getbutton(void);


These three routines do the obvious, namely returning current mouse pointer position and button state. mouse_getbutton() returns an integer which can be bitwise &'d with MOUSE_LEFTBUTTON, MOUSE_MIDDLEBUTTON, MOUSE_RIGHTBUTTON, MOUSE_FOURTHBUTTON, MOUSE_FIFTHBUTTON, MOUSE_SIXTHBUTTON, or MOUSE_RESETBUTTON.

A 1 on any of these bits means the button has been pressed, a 0 means it hasn't.

Please note that you need to call mouse_update(3) or mouse_waitforupdate(3) for the mouse state actually to change.

For 3d pointer devices, there is actually another interface. See mouse_getposition_6d(3).


This manual page was edited by Michael Weller <[email protected]>. The exact source of the referenced function as well as of the original documentation is unknown.

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