Padre::Task::File(3) File operations in the background


# Recursively delete
remove => 'C:\foo\bar\baz',


The File::Remove CPAN module is a specialised package for deleting files or recursively deleting directories.

As well as providing the basic support for recursive deletion, it adds several other important features such as removing readonly limits on the fly, taking ownership of files if permitted, and moving the current working directory out of the deletion path so that directory cursors won't block the deletion (a particular problem on Windows).

The task takes the name of a single file or directory to delete (for now), and proceeds to attempt a recursive deletion of the file or directory via the File::Remove "remove" method.

In the future, this module will also support more types of file operations and support the execution of a list of operations.



  my $task = Padre::Task::File->new(
      remove => '/foo/bar/baz',

Creates a new deletion task.

Takes a single parameter "remove" which must be an absolute path to the file to delete (as the ``current directory'' may change between the time the removal task is created and when it is executed).


The "remove" accessor returns the absolute path of the file or directory the task will try to delete (or tried to delete in the case of completed tasks).


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