Padre::Wx::ComboBox::History(3) A history-enabled Wx combobox


$dialog->{search_text} = Padre::Wx::ComboBox::History->new(
'', # Use the last history value
[ 'search' ], # The history queue to read from


Padre::Wx::ComboBox::History is a normal Wx ComboBox widget, but enhanced with the ability to remember previously entered values and present the previous values as options the next time it is used.

This type of input memory is fairly common in dialog boxes and other task inputs. The parameters are provided to the history box in a form compatible with an ordinary Wx::ComboBox to simplify integration with GUI generators such as Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder.

The ``options'' hash should contain exactly one value, which should be the key string for the history table. This can be a simple name, allowing the sharing of remembered history across several different dialogs.

The ``value'' can be defined literally, or will be pulled from the most recent history entry if it set to the null string.