Plucene::Analysis::Token(3) A term in a field



A Token is an occurence of a term from the text of a field. It consists of a term's text, the start and end offset of the term in the text of the field, and a type string.

The start and end offsets permit applications to re-associate a token with its source text, e.g., to display highlighted query terms in a document browser, or to show matching text fragments in a KWIC (KeyWord In Context) display, etc.

The type is an interned string, assigned by a lexical analyzer (a.k.a. tokenizer), naming the lexical or syntactic class that the token belongs to. For example an end of sentence marker token might be implemented with type ``eos''. The default token type is ``word''.



        my $token = Plucene::Analysis::Token->new({
                type  => $type,
                text  => $text,
                start => $start,
                end   => $end });

This will create a new Plucene::Analysis::Token object.