pmailq(8) Postfix MAIL Queue manager


pmailq [OPTION]... [COMMAND]

pmailq --help


pmailq parses the output of mailq command from postfix (ie: postqueue -p). It permits to perform some actions on a group of entries in queue (like removing or displaying them in a machine readable format). They are selected by applying filters (wildcards are allowed) on criterias like email address, error message from SMTP server, message size, mail status in queue.


Action to perform on selected entries.
list (default command)
Show a detailed listing of the selected entries.
Show a listing of the selected entries in a machine readable format.
Delete (via postsuper -d) the selected entries.


Select entries in queue with email matching PATTERN (PATTERN accepts wildcards).
Select entries in queue with error message matching PATTERN (PATTERN accepts wildcards).
-l SIZE, --size-lower=SIZE
Select entries in queue with size lower than SIZE bytes.
-u SIZE, --size-upper=SIZE
Select entries in queue with size upper than SIZE bytes.
Select 'active' entries in queue.
Select 'on hold' entries in queue.
Show program's version number and exit.
-h, --help
Show this help message and exit.


Example 1: display all the entries in queue sent to an email address matching ``**'' with a size between 3000 and 3200 bytes in a machine readable format:

 # pmailq -u 3000 -l 3200 -e "*" parse
 7E75214643A4|Fri Aug 31|3154|1|0|[email protected]
 B0BDE146B640|Thu Aug 30|3199|1|0|[email protected]
 B587E146B675|Wed Aug 29|3065|0|0|[email protected]
 CF3C514656E4|Wed Aug 29|3161|0|0|[email protected]
      /\         /\       /\  \  \
   queue id     date     size  \  \ on hold (or not)
                                \ active (or not)

Example 2: remove all mails in queue not sent because of a connection time out:

 # pmailq -m "*connection*timed*out" del
 deleting 00CF514616D3 [OK]
 deleting 12D911461924 [OK]
 deleting 269EF1461CA9 [OK]
 deleting 288DF1461CA0 [OK]
 deleting 3B3901460F62 [OK]
 deleting 3AE58147019F [OK]


Emmanuel Bouthenot <[email protected]>


Copyright 2007-2011 by Emmanuel Bouthenot <[email protected]>

This program is released under the ``do What The Fuck you want to Public Licence'' Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar.

See for more details.