regulatory_hint(9) driver hint to the wireless core a regulatory domain


int regulatory_hint(struct wiphy * wiphy, const char * alpha2);



the wireless device giving the hint (used only for reporting conflicts)


the ISO/IEC 3166 alpha2 the driver claims its regulatory domain should be in. If rd is set this should be NULL. Note that if you set this to NULL you should still set rd->alpha2 to some accepted alpha2.


Wireless drivers can use this function to hint to the wireless core what it believes should be the current regulatory domain by giving it an ISO/IEC 3166 alpha2 country code it knows its regulatory domain should be in or by providing a completely build regulatory domain. If the driver provides an ISO/IEC 3166 alpha2 userspace will be queried for a regulatory domain structure for the respective country.

The wiphy must have been registered to cfg80211 prior to this call. For cfg80211 drivers this means you must first use wiphy_register, for mac80211 drivers you must first use ieee80211_register_hw.

Drivers should check the return value, its possible you can get an -ENOMEM.


0 on success. -ENOMEM.


Johannes Berg <[email protected]>