Search::Xapian::PositionIterator(3) Iterate over sets of positions.


This iterator represents a stream of positions for a term. It overloads "++" for advancing the iterator, or you can explicitly call the "inc" method. This class also overloads "eq", "ne", "==", "!=", "" (stringification) and "0+" (conversion to an integer).


Constructor. Defaults to an uninitialized iterator.
Advance the iterator by one. (Called implictly by "++" overloading).
skip_to <termpos>
Skip the iterator to term position termpos, or the first term position after termpos if termpos isn't in the list of term positions being iterated.
equal <term>
Checks if a term is the same as this term. Also overloaded to the "eq" and "==" operators.
nequal <term>
Checks if a term is different from this term. Also overloaded to the "ne" and "!=" operators.
Return the term position the iterator is currently on. Also implemented as conversion to an integer.
Return a description of this object. Also implemented as stringification.