shishi_asn1_read_inline(3) API function


#include <shishi.h>

int shishi_asn1_read_inline(Shishi * handle, Shishi_asn1 node, const char * field, char * data, size_t * datalen);


Shishi * handle
shishi handle as allocated by shishi_init().
Shishi_asn1 node
ASN.1 variable to read field from.
const char * field
name of field in node to read.
char * data
pre-allocated output buffer that will hold ASN.1 field data.
size_t * datalen
on input, maximum size of output buffer, on output, actual size of output buffer.


Extract data stored in a ASN.1 field into a fixed size buffer allocated by caller.

Note that since it is difficult to predict the length of the field, it is often better to use shishi_asn1_read() instead.


Returns SHISHI_OK if successful, SHISHI_ASN1_NO_ELEMENT if the element do not exist, SHISHI_ASN1_NO_VALUE if the field has no value, ot SHISHI_ASN1_ERROR otherwise.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>.


Copyright © 2002-2010 Simon Josefsson.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved.