snd_fm801(4) Forte Media FM801 bridge device driver


To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file:
device sound device snd_fm801

Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf5:



The bridge driver allows the generic audio driver, sound(4), to attach audio devices based on the Forte Media FM801 chipset. This is a common chipset found in various parts used by OEM manufacturers.


The driver supports audio devices based on the following chipset:

  • Forte Media FM801


The device driver first appeared in Fx 4.2 .


This manual page was written by An Joel Dahl Aq [email protected] .


The Forte Media FM801 chipset is a sort of PCI bridge, not an actual sound controller, making it possible to have soundless support. One problem is that both chipsets, with and without sound support, use the same PCI ID. This makes it impossible to determine which one is installed.