spdinit(8) interpret setup files


spdinit printer formtype


spdinit is an internal program used by spd(8) to decode printer setup files for the GNUspool spooler and document management system.

It is only ever intended to be invoked by the despooler process spd(8), and the interface is not in any way guaranteed in future releases.

Output is to standard output, and it may be useful to run strings(1) on the result to see whether setup files have produced the expected result.


gnuspool.conf master configuration file

int-config message file

/var/spool/gnuspool spool directory

gnuspoolptrs printer setup file directory

spshed_reps error log file


SPOOLDIR alternative location for spool directory
SPROGDIR alternative location for spool programs
SPOOLPT alternative location for printer descriptions


spdinit is usually invoked indirectly, via spd(8) and spshed(8) from system startup procedures or other programs such as gspl-start(1).

Diagnostics are not written to any terminal but to the file spshed_reps.

In the event of any problems (typically syntax errors) this file should be examined.


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John M Collins, Xi Software Ltd.