SVN::Dump::Headers(3) Headers of a SVN dump record


# SVN::Dump::Headers objects are returned by the read_header_block()
# method of SVN::Dump::Reader


A SVN::Dump::Headers object represents the headers of a SVN dump record.


SVN::Dump::Headers provides the following methods:
new( [$hashref] )
Create and return a new empty SVN::Dump::Headers object.

If $hashref is given (it can be a blessed hash reference), the keys from the hash are used to initialise the headers.

set($h, $v)
Set the $h header to the value $v.

"_" can be used as a replacement for "-" in the header name.

Get the value of header $h.

"_" can be used as a replacement for "-" in the header name.

Return the list of headers, in canonical order.
Return a string that represents the record headers.
It is possible to guess the record type from its headers.

This method returns a string that represents the record type. The string is one of "revision", "node", "uuid" or "format".

The method dies if it can't determine the record type.


When using SVN::Dump to manipulate a SVN dump, one should not directly access the SVN::Dump::Headers component of a SVN::Dump::Record, but use the "set_header()" and "get_header()" methods of the record object.


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