tapset::perf(3) systemtap perf probe points


This family of probe points is used to probe "perf events" on suitably configured kernels (2.6.33+). It contains a number of aliases for the ABI-specified event type/config tuples.

The default sampling interval of the translator (1000000) is not overridden, so some of these probe points may fire very infrequently. Use the lower level perf.type(AA).config(BB).sample(CC) probe point if this is a problem.

A variety of hardware events, as generalized by the kernel. These generally require running on bare hardware with selected processors.
probe perf.hw.cpu_cycles
probe perf.hw.instructions
probe perf.hw.cache_references
probe perf.hw.cache_misses
probe perf.hw.branch_instructions
probe perf.hw.branch_misses
probe perf.hw.bus_cycles

Special "software" events provided by the kernel. These sometimes work in virtualized environments and with more processor architectures.
probe perf.sw.cpu_clock
probe perf.sw.task_clock
probe perf.sw.page_faults
probe perf.sw.context_switches
probe perf.sw.cpu_migrations
probe perf.sw.page_faults_min
probe perf.sw.page_faults_maj
probe perf.sw.alignment_faults
probe perf.sw.emulation_faults

Hardware cache events, where available. A subset of the following cartesian product may be available:
probe perf.hw_cache.l1d.*.*
probe perf.hw_cache.l1i.*.*
probe perf.hw_cache.ll.*.*
probe perf.hw_cache.dtlb.*.*
probe perf.hw_cache.itlb.*.*
probe perf.hw_cache.bpu.*.*
probe perf.hw_cache.*.read.*
probe perf.hw_cache.*.write.*
probe perf.hw_cache.*.prefetch.*
probe perf.hw_cache.*.*.access
probe perf.hw_cache.*.*.miss