update-guestfs-appliance(8) update the supermin appliance used by




update-guestfs-appliance creates or updates the supermin appliance for use with libguestfs. It uses febootstrap for this, therefore access to the package repository is needed.

A supermin appliance contains only lists of files and directories. The contents of the referenced files are only copied into an ad-hoc filesystem whenever libguestfs starts a virtual machine. Therefore, calling update-guestfs-appliance is only needed after libguestfs has been installed or when the filesystem layouts or dependencies of needed packages on the host system have been changed.


/usr/lib/guestfs/make.sh (the script that does the actual work),


update-guestfs-appliance and this manual page were written by Hilko Bengen <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).