vfs_getnewfsid(9) allocate a new file system identifier


In sys/param.h In sys/mount.h Ft void Fn vfs_getnewfsid struct mount *mp


The Fn vfs_getnewfsid function allocates a new file system identifier for the mount point given. File systems typically call Fn vfs_getnewfsid in their mount routine in order to acquire a unique ID within the system which can later be used to uniquely identify the file system via calls such as vfs_getvfs9.

The actual Vt fsid is made up of two 32 bit integers, that are stored in the Vt statfs structure of Fa mp . The first integer is unique in the set of mounted file systems, while the second holds the file system type.

typedef struct fsid {
        int32_t val[2];
} fsid_t;


xxx_mount(struct mount *mp, char *path, caddr_t data,
        struct nameidata *ndp, struct thread *td)


This manual page was written by An Chad David Aq [email protected] .