vfs_suser(9) check if credentials have superuser privileges for a mount point


In sys/param.h In sys/systm.h In sys/mount.h Ft int Fn vfs_suser struct mount *mp struct thread *td


The Fn vfs_suser function checks if the credentials given include superuser powers for the given mount point. It will check to see if the thread passed in has the same credentials as the user that mounted the file system. If so, it returns 0, otherwise it returns what priv_check9 would have returned.


The Fn vfs_suser function returns 0 if the user has superuser powers and Er EPERM otherwise. This is the reverse logic of some other implementations of Fn suser in which a TRUE response indicates superuser powers.


The Fn vfs_suser function was introduced in Fx 5.2 .


This manual page was written by An Alfred Perlstein .