XML::Stream::Tree(3) Functions to make building and parsing the tree easier


Just a collection of functions that do not need to be in memory if you
choose one of the other methods of data storage.


The result of parsing:

  <foo><head id="a">Hello <em>there</em></head><bar>Howdy<ref/></bar>do</foo>

would be:
         Tag   Content
  [foo, [{},
         head, [{id => ``a''},
                0, ``Hello '',
                em, [{},
                     0, ``there''
         bar, [{},
               0, ``Howdy'',
               ref, [{}]
         0, ``do''

The above was copied from the XML::Parser man page. Many thanks to Larry and Clark.


By Ryan Eatmon in March 2001 for http://jabber.org/

Currently maintained by Darian Anthony Patrick.


Copyright (C) 1998-2004 Jabber Software Foundation http://jabber.org/

This module licensed under the LGPL, version 2.1.