openvas-adduser(8) add a user in the openvassd userbase




The OpenVAS Security Scanner comes with its own user base which contains the list of who can use the services of openvassd, and what restriction (or rules) each user has.

openvas-adduser is a simple program which will add a user to the openvassd userbase.

The program is straightforward and asks for the following items:

• Login
the login name of the openvassd user to add

• Password
the password that the user will use to connect to openvassd

• Rules
the set of rules to apply to the user. See below.


Each user has his own set of rules. Rules are here to restrict the rights of the users. For instance, you can add user ``joe'' so that he can only test the host ``'', whereas you can add user ``bob'' so that he can test whatever IP address he wishes.

Each rule fits on one line. A user can have an unlimited amount of rules (and can even have no rule at all).

The syntax is:

accept|deny ip/mask
default accept|deny

Where mask is the CIDR netmask of the rule.

The default statement must be the last rule and defines the policy of the user.

The following rule set will allow the user to test, and, but nothing else:

default deny

The following rule set will allow the user to test whatever he wants, except the network

default accept

The keyword client_ip has been defined, and is replaced at run time by the IP address of the openvassd user. For instance, if you want your users to be able to only be able to scan the system they come from, then you want them to have the following ruleset:

accept client_ip
default deny


The canonical places where you will find more information about the OpenVAS project are: (Official site)



openvas-adduser was quickly written by Renaud Deraison <[email protected]>


openvas-adduser creates temporary files in $TMPDIR/. If this variable is not set, then it will use /var/tmp which may be a security risk depending of your configuration.

If you set your TMPDIR variable to /tmp, then you are in trouble.