googlizer(1) GNOME panel launcher providing results of a Google search


googlizer is a panel launcher for the GNOME desktop, although is by no means restricted to use in the panel, or within GNOME. It takes the X selection, sends it to either the Google search engine ( , or local equivalent), or an arbitrary search URL specified on the command line, and then passes the results to the user's preferred browser in GNOME. This browser then starts up and shows the results of the search.

It is not designed to be invoked from the command line; but is supposed to be added to the user's panel via the menu system. If this man page is installed, then presumably googlizer is installed too. To place it on a panel, add a launcher and specify the path to the googlizer binary as the command in the launcher options, or if you have a menu entry on the GNOME menu, you can drag a copy of that launcher onto the panel.

To use it, highlight text with the pointer, and then single-click button 1 on the googlizer icon. The browser specified in the user's GNOME URL Handlers preferences will appear with the results of the search.


googlizer is designed to do one single thing. Therefore there are very few preferences or command-line options besides the GNOME defaults - the icon for the program is configurable in the panel or similar.

--url, -u
Specify the URL which the search string is appended to to. If unspecified, this defaults to the above Google URL, or your local equivalent.

Displays the full set of command line options for Googlizer, including all X/GNOME/GNU/etc default options.

Displays the installed version of Googlizer.


The browser invoked is that defined in the user's URL Handlers for GNOME as default. This is reached via the control-center. The file should not be edited by hand (but people do).


Special alphabetical characters such as Icelandic thorn or any accented characters (anything outside the range [A-Z][a-z]) arrive at Google mangled. This is not the fault of googlizer but can be very frustrating.


googlizer was written by Alan Cox <[email protected]>. Some patches contributed by Robert McQueen <[email protected]>. This man page was written by Telsa Gwynne <[email protected]>.