pmap_map(9) map a physical memory range into kernel virtual address (KVA) space


In sys/param.h In vm/vm.h In vm/pmap.h Ft vm_offset_t Fo pmap_map Fa vm_offset_t *virt vm_paddr_t start vm_paddr_t end int prot Fc


The Fn pmap_map function maps a range of physical addresses into kernel virtual address (KVA) space, from Fa start to Fa end , with protection bits Fa prot .

The value passed in Fa *virt is treated as a hint for the virtual address of the beginning of the mapping.


The Fa prot argument is currently ignored by machine-dependent implementations.

Architectures which can support a direct mapped physical to virtual region can return the appropriate address within that region, leaving Fa *virt unchanged.


The Fn pmap_map function returns the virtual address of the beginning of the mapping, if the mapping was successfully made; Fa *virt will also be updated with the first usable address after the mapped region.

If the function is unsuccessful, NULL is returned.


This manual page was written by An Bruce M Simpson Aq [email protected] .