0.27(1) Graphical experiment builder for the social sciences


opensesame [experiment] [options]


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
Immediately run an experiment:
-r, --run
Run fullscreen
-w, --run-in-window
Run in window
Miscellaneous options:
-c _CONFIG, --config=_CONFIG
Set a configuration option, e.g, '--config auto_update_check=False;scintilla_font_size=10'. For a complete list of configuration options, please refer to the source of config.py.
-t _THEME, --theme=_THEME
Specify a GUI theme
-d, --debug
Print lots of debugging messages to the standard output
-s, --stack
Print stack trace (only in debug mode)
-p, --preload
Preload Python modules
Load PyLink before PyGame (necessary for using the Eyelink plug-ins in non-dummy mode)
Enable the IPython interpreter
Specify localization
Log all translatable text
Do not use global resources on *nix