3ds2mgf(1) Autodesk 3D Studio to Raytracer file Translator


3ds2mgf inputfile[.3ds] [outputfile] [options]


-snnn - Smooth triangles with angles < nnn

-l<filename> - Specifies native material library
-a<filename> - Use animation information in specified file
-fnnn - Generate frame nnn of animation
-x<object> - Exclude this object from conversion
-b<object> - Convert this object as a box
+i, -i - Turn internal bounding on or off
+v, -v - Turn verbose status messages on or off
-op - Output to POV-Ray 2.0 format
-op1 - Output to POV-Ray 1.0 format
-ov - Output to Vivid format
-ol - Output to poLyray format
-om - Output to MGF
-or - Output to RAW triangle format

ex. /usr/bin/3ds2mgf birdshow +v -lmaterials.inc