4store.conf(5) 4store configuration file


The file /etc/4store.conf contains settings used by 4s-admin1, 4s-boss8, 4s-httpd, 4s-import1 and 4s-query1.

File format

The config file uses GLib's key file format, which contains key-value pairs organised into groups. The syntax of the file is as follows:

Blank lines or beginning with a hash character are considered comments:

Groups are defined by enclosing a group name within square brackets:

Each key-value pair must be placed on a new line, and will belong to the group above it.

A key-value pair is specified using 'key=values', where values can be a semicolon separated list of strings:

Store options

These are options which will affect the running of 4s-backend and 4s-httpd.

To set them for all stores, place them in an option group named [default]

To set them on a single store, place them in an option group with the same name as the store, e.g. [store1]


unsafe = true|false
Enable unsafe operations (such as LOAD). Default is false.
cors = true|false
Enables CORS. Default is false.
port = <port_number>
Port to run HTTP SPARQL daemon (4s-httpd) on. Default is 8080.
default-graph = true|false
Set the default graph to be a union of named graphs. Default is false.
soft-limit = <limit>
Sets the soft limit, or set to 0 to disable. Default is 2000.
opt-level = <level>
Set the optimisation level, from 0 to 3. Default is 3 (all optimisations enabled).
listen = <hostname>|<ip_address>
The hostname or IP address that 4s-httpd should listen on. Default is localhost.

4s-boss options

These options are used to configure 4s-boss8, and set how and if it should be used for store discovery.

These options should all be in a group named [4s-boss]


port = <port_number>
Set port to run 4s-boss daemon on. Default is 6733.
discovery = none|sole|default
Determines how 4s-boss is used for store discovery. Default is none.
nodes = <hostname_or_ip>[:<port>];...
List of nodes in the cluster which run 4s-boss. Default is localhost.

Set discovery to none to use Avahi/DNS-SD for discovery instead of 4s-boss. Set to sole to use 4s-boss as the only discovery mechanism. Set to default to use use 4s-boss for discovery, but fall back to Avahi/DNS-SD.

The nodes option sets the hosts and ports of storage nodes in a 4store cluster that uses 4s-boss. Hosts can be specified either as hostnames or IPv4/IPv6 addresses, optionally followed by a colon character and port number (assumes default port of 6733 if no port is specified).

To specify a port number with an IPv6 address, enclose the address in square brackets, e.g.:




# Global settings
    unsafe = true
    cors = true
# Options for store 'kb1'
    port = 8888
    default-graph = false
    soft-limit = 0
    opt-level = 3
# Options for store 'store2'
    soft-limit = 20000
    port = 8090
# Enable discovery using 4s-boss, and define a 4 node cluster on:
#   HOST                PORT
#   host.example.org    6733 (default)
#           6734
#   ::1                 6733 (default)
#   2001:db8::1         6735
    port = 6733
    discovery = sole
    nodes = host.example.org;;::1;[2001:db8::1]:6735