__gnu_debug::_Safe_container< _SafeContainer(3) _IsCxx11AllocatorAware >


Inherits _SafeBase< _SafeContainer >.

Public Member Functions

void _M_swap (_Safe_container &__x) noexcept

_Safe_container & operator= (const _Safe_container &) noexcept

_Safe_container & operator= (_Safe_container &&__x) noexcept

Protected Member Functions

_Safe_container (const _Safe_container &)=default

_Safe_container (_Safe_container &&__x) noexcept

_Safe_container (_Safe_container &&__x, const _Alloc &__a)

_Safe_container & _M_safe () noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename _SafeContainer, typename _Alloc, template< typename > class _SafeBase, bool _IsCxx11AllocatorAware = true>

class __gnu_debug::_Safe_container< _SafeContainer, _Alloc, _SafeBase, _IsCxx11AllocatorAware >" Safe class dealing with some allocator dependent operations.

Definition at line 41 of file safe_container.h.


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