__gnu_pbds::detail::ov_tree_map< Key(3) _Alloc >::cond_dtor< Size_Type >


Public Member Functions

cond_dtor (value_vector a_vec, iterator &r_last_it, Size_Type total_size)

void set_no_action ()

Protected Attributes

value_vector m_a_vec

const Size_Type m_max_size

bool m_no_action

iterator & m_r_last_it

Detailed Description

template<typename Key, typename Mapped, typename Cmp_Fn, typename Node_And_It_Traits, typename _Alloc>

template<typename Size_Type>
class __gnu_pbds::detail::ov_tree_map< Key, Mapped, Cmp_Fn, Node_And_It_Traits, _Alloc >::cond_dtor< Size_Type >" Conditional destructor.

Definition at line 182 of file ov_tree_map_.hpp.


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