acslist(1) Aggregate Custody Signals (ACS) utility for checking custody IDs.


acslist [-s|--stdout]


acslist is a utility program that lists all mappings from bundle ID to custody ID currently in the local bundle agent's ACS ID database, in no specific order. A bundle ID (defined in RFC5050) is the tuple of (source EID, creation time, creation count, fragment offset, fragment length). A custody ID (defined in draft-jenkins-aggregate-custody-signals) is an integer that the local bundle agent will be able to map to a bundle ID for the purposes of aggregating and compressing custody signals.

The format for mappings is:


While listing, acslist also checks the custody ID database for self-consistency, and if it detects any errors it will print a line starting with ``Mismatch:'' and describing the error.

-s|--stdout tells acslist to print results to stdout, rather than to the ION log.


acslist terminated after verifying the consistency of the custody ID database.
acslist was unable to attach to the ACS database, or it detected an inconsistency.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


The following diagnostics may be issued:
Can't attach to ACS.
acsadmin has not yet initialized ACS operations.
Mismatch: (description of the mismatch)
acslist detected an inconsistency in the database; this is a bug in ACS.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>