add_bug_to_estraier(1) add a bug log to an estraier database


add_bug_to_estraier [options] < list_of_bugs_to_add

--debug, -d debugging level (Default 0)
--help, -h display this help
--man, -m display manual


--url, -u
Url to the estraier node
User to log onto the estraier node
Password to log onto the estraier node
Spool location; if not set defaults to /etc/debbugs/config
Configuration file; a set of key = value pairs separated by newlines; the long name of any option is the name that the configuration file takes
Descend through the spool and add all of the bugs to estraier
Use the timestamp file to only add new bugs; will lock the timestamp file to avoid racing with other invocations
--debug, -d
Debug verbosity. (Default 0)
--help, -h
Display brief useage information.
--man, -m
Display this manual.


  test_bts --bug 7 --host


estcmd create -si -xh3 -attr status str -attr subject str \
    -attr date num -attr submitter str -attr package str \
    -attr severity str -attr tags str bts