ADSERVERR(1) Simple address book server


adserver [options]


adserver is a simple address book server for allowing remote access.


--ab LOC
Serve address book at the given location
--ro PWD
Use PASS as read-only access password
--rw PWD
Use PASS as read-write access password
--rp PORT
Use PORT as receive port number
--sp PORT
Use PORT as send port number
--sock PORT
Use PORT as socket port number (default: 5000)
--conf CFILE
Read values for AddressBookLocation, ReadOnlyPassword, ReadWritePassword, SendPort, ReceivePort from CONFIGFILE (proplist dictionary). Values given on the command line override these.


Addresses for GNUstep was written by Bjoern Giesler.

This manual page was written by Hubert Chan for the Debian project (but may be used by others).