adt-virt-xenlvm(1) autopkgtest virtualisation server using Xen and LVM


adt-virt-xenlvm [options] -- [adt-xenlvm options]


adt-virt-xenlvm provides an autopkgtest virtualisation server using a Xen virtual machine and LVM snapshots. It adapts the raw functionality provided by the adt-xenlvm-* tools for use by autopkgtest.

Normally adt-virt-xenlvm will be invoked by adt-run.

adt-virt-xenlvm uses adt-xenlvm-with-testbed and adt-xenlvm-on-testbed. The testbed must have previously been set up with adt-xenlvm-setup.

Neither adt-virt-xenlvm nor adt-xenlvm-with-testbed do any locking; it is the the caller's responsibility not to attempt concurrent use of any particular testbed.


Specifies a different distro (ie, the use of a different testbed).
Specifies a different nominum (ie, the use of a different testbed).
Specifies that the adt-xenlvm tools should not be run directly, but rather via userv. The calling user must be permitted to use userv root adt-xenlvm-testbed. In the default configuration, this means being a member of the AdtXenUs group.
-- --adt-xenlvm-option=adt-xenlvm-value
Following the first occurrence of -- on the adt-virt-xenlvm commandline, any of the values in the adt-xenlvm configuration may be set in the usual way. The arguments are simply passed to adt-virt-xenlvm.

See /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest-xenlvm/README.gz for full details of adt-xenlvm.

-- -Dvarname=value
If --userv was specified, options following the first -- on the adt-virt-xenlvm commandline are passed as option arguments to userv. These should normally be user-defined variable settings using -D which are expected by the autopkgtest-xenlvm/userv-target script. Currently only distro and nominum are expected, and these can be set using adt-virt-xenlvm's own options.
-d | --debug
Enables debugging output. Probably not hugely interesting.


The behaviour of adt-virt-xenlvm is as described by the AutomatedTesting virtualisation regime specification.


This manpage is part of autopkgtest, a tool for testing Debian binary packages. autopkgtest is Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Canonical Ltd and others.

See /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest/CREDITS for the list of contributors and full copying conditions.