af_cleanup(3) AtFS error handling

Other Alias

af_errno, af_perror, af_errmsg


#include <atfs.h>


voidaf_perror (char *string)

char*af_errmsg (char *string)

intaf_cleanup (void)


af_errno is the global AtFS error number variable. If an AtFS functions returns with an error, af_errno is set to indicate the appropriate error number. It is not cleared upon successful calls. The af_intro(3) manual page gives an overview of all error codes.

af_perror produces a short error message of the form described in perror(3). This message will be written to standard error. If the last error encountered during an AtFS application was an AtFS-specific error, a corresponding message is generated, otherwise af_perror calls perror(3).

af_errmsg does the same as af_perror but returns the message rather than writing to standard error. The result string resides in static memory and hence will be overwritten on subsequent calls of af_errmsg.

Af_cleanup serves as cleanup routine upon premature termination of an AtFS application. It removes temporary files and frees all allocated memory.