afssh(1) wrapper around ssh-agent-filter and ssh


afssh [ssh-agent-filter options] -- [ssh arguments]

afssh -- [ssh arguments]


afssh (agent filtered ssh) start ssh-agent-filter(1), passing it the arguments given to afssh before the separator --. If there are no arguments before --, whiptail(1) or dialog(1) is used to ask the user which keys to forward.

After setting up the ssh-agent-filter(1) ssh(1) is started with -A and the rest of the arguments (after --).

When ssh(1) exits, the ssh-agent-filter(1) is killed to not leave tons of them idling.


-h, --help
prints a short usage description, then runs ssh-agent-filter(1) with --help and ssh(1) with --help
mandatory separator between the options passed to ssh-agent-filter(1) and those passed to ssh(1)


Returns the return value of ssh(1) unless setting up the ssh-agent-filter failed, in which case the return value might be any non-zero value.


Timo Weingärtner <[email protected]>.