agh-profile-gen(1) Sleep profile generator using various metrics.


       edfcat OPTIONS FILE


agh-profile-gen produces PSD, MC or SWU profiles of an EEG recording.

-h, --channel=CHANNEL
use this channel (0-based)
-i, --step=STEP
step (sec)
MC parameters
-p, --page=PAGESIZE
page size (sec)
-P, --psd-params=BINSIZE
PSD: binsize (sec, one of .1, .25, .5)
-S, --swu-params=MIN_UPSWING_LEN
SWU parameters
-t, --profile=pms
profile(s) to generate (p=PSD, m=MC, s=SWU)
-?, --help
Give this help list
Give a short usage message
-V, --version
Print program version


agh-profile-gen is written by Andrei Zavada <[email protected]> as part of the Aghermann project.