all_from 'lib/';(3) WriteAll;

Other Alias

use inc::Module::Install;, manifest_skip;


This module generates a "MANIFEST.SKIP" file for you (using Module::Manifest::Skip) that contains the common files that people do not want in their "MANIFEST" files. The SKIP file is generated each time that you (the module author) run "Makefile.PL".

You can add your own custom entries at the top of the "MANIFEST" file. Just put a blank line after your entries, and they will be left alone.

This module also adds 'MANIFEST' to the "clean_files()" list so that "make clean" will remove your "MANIFEST".


If you don't plan on adding anything to the stock MANIFEST.SKIP and just want "make clean" to delete it, say this:

    manifest_skip 'clean';


One school of thought for release management is that you never commit your "MANIFEST" file. You just generate it using "make manifest", right before releasing a module, and then delete it afterwards.

This is good because you never forget to add new files to your "MANIFEST". The only problems are that you always need to generate a "MANIFEST.SKIP" file, and you need to add "MANIFEST" to your clean_files, or delete it by hand. This module does these things for you.