Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL(3) PostgreSQL specific Alzabo driver subclass


use Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL;


This provides some PostgreSQL specific implementations for the virtual methods in Alzabo::Driver.


connect, create_database, drop_database

Besides the parameters listed in the Alzabo::Driver docs, the following parameters are accepted:
  • options
  • tty


This method accepts the same parameters as the "connect()" method.


Returns the last id created for a sequenced column.


Returns the maximum identifier length allowed by the database. This is really a guess based on the server version, since the actual value is set when the server is compiled.


In testing, I found that there were some problems using Postgres in a situation where you start the app, connect to the database, get some data, fork, reconnect, and and then get more data. I suspect that this has more to do with the DBD::Pg driver and/or Postgres itself than Alzabo. I don't believe this would be a problem with an app which forks before ever connecting to the database (such as mod_perl).


Dave Rolsky, <[email protected]>