amo-changelog(1) fetch Version History of an addon


amo-changelog [options] extension


amo-changelog fetches the Version History of an addon from the Mozilla Extensions website. It is meant to offer an easy way to include upstream changelogs in Debian packages of mozilla extensions - in many cases, this is not contained in the upstream source code repository, but is available on said website.

The extension argument is its short name, as used by the website. For example, the homepage for "Adblock Plus" is, so the short name would be "adblock-plus".

Here is an example for debian/rules:

# if using debhelper
       dh_installchangelogs debian/upstream/changelog.html debian/upstream/changelog

46PHONY: get-orig-changelog
       amo-changelog -p rst adblock-plus

Using this approach, one would save the output files debian/upstream/{changelog.html,changelog} as part of the Debian packaging. When updating the package with a new upstream release, one would run `debian/rules get-orig-changelog`


-h, --help
Display a brief help message.
-f, --html-file
File to write to. Default: debian/upstream/changelog.html
-p, --plain-format
Generate a human-readable form of the changelog in the file without the .html extension, using an external program. Possible options are text (uses lynx(1)), markdown (pandoc(1)), or rst (pandoc(1)). Default: none.


Jakub Wilk <[email protected]> and Ximin Luo <[email protected]>