amoebax(6) Match-3 action-puzzle game


amoebax [OPTIONS]


Amoebax is a match-3 action-puzzle game.

Defeat your opponents by filling up her grid. To fill your opponent's grid you need to join four or more amoebas of the same color either horizontally, vertically or a combination of the two but not in diagonal.

Play either as Kim or Tim in against six computer controlled opponents or challenge your friends in a tournament. If you just want to relax, try the training mode at your own pace.


-f, --fullscreen Starts the game in full screen mode.
Enables the sound and music but does not modify the volume level.
Disables the sound and music. The volume level will stay at zero.
-h, --help
Displays a help message with the available options.
-V, --version
Prints the version information.
-w, --windowed
Starts the game in windowed mode instead of full screen.


Written by Jordi Fita <[email protected]>


Copyright © 2006-2007 Emma's Software <[email protected]>
This is Free Software; this software is licensed under the GPL version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation. There is NO WARRANTY; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.