amspub(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test driver for VxWorks


amspub "application_name``, ''authority_name``, ''subject_name``, ''message_text"


amspub is a message publication program designed to test AMS functionality in a VxWorks environment. When an amspub task is started, it registers as an application module in the root unit of the venture identified by application_name and authority_name, looks up the subject number for subject_name, publishes a single message with content message_text on that subject, unregisters, and terminates.

A configuration server for the local continuum and a registrar for the root unit of the indicated venture (which may both be instantiated in a single amsd daemon task) must be running in order for amspub to run.


amspub terminated with an error as noted in the ion.log file.
amspub terminated normally.


The amspub source code is in the amspubsub.c source file.

A MIB initialization file with the applicable default name (see amsrc(5)) must be present.


No environment variables apply.


amspub can't register.
amspub failed to register, for reasons noted in the ion.log file.
amspub: subject is unknown
amspub can't publish test messages on the specified subject; possibly an error in the MIB initialization file.
amspub can't publish message.
amspub failed to publish, for reasons noted in the ion.log file.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>