An RTP application(3) holding identifying RTCP SDES item values.

Other Alias



#include <sources.h>

Inherits SDESItemsHolder.


class ParticipantsIterator
Iterator through the list of participants in this session.

Public Member Functions

RTPApplication (const std::string &cname)
Create a new RTP application.
~RTPApplication ()

void setSDESItem (SDESItemType item, const std::string &val)

void setPRIVPrefix (const std::string &val)

const std::string & getSDESItem (SDESItemType item) const

const std::string & getPRIVPrefix () const

ParticipantsIterator begin ()

ParticipantsIterator end ()

const Participant * getParticipant (const std::string &cname) const


class ApplicationHandler

Detailed Description

An RTP application, holding identifying RTCP SDES item values.

Represents local participants.

An application in the context of RTP: an entity that has a CNAME (unique identifier in the form of [email protected]) as well as other RTCP SDES items (such as NAME or TOOL), and may open a number of RTP sessions. Each application is a different source of synchronization (with a potentially diferent SSRC identifier) in each RTP session it participates. All the sources of synchronization from a participant are tied together by means of the CNAME.

The definition of this class allows applications based on ccRTP to implement several 'RTP applications' in the same process. Each object of this class represents a local participant.


Federico Montesino Pouzols [email protected]

Examples: ccrtptest.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RTPApplication::RTPApplication (const std::string &cname)

Create a new RTP application. If the CNAME string provided has zero length, it is guessed from the user and machine name.


cname Local participant canonical name.

RTPApplication::~RTPApplication ()

Member Function Documentation

ParticipantsIterator RTPApplication::begin () [inline]

Examples: ccrtptest.cpp.

ParticipantsIterator RTPApplication::end () [inline]

Examples: ccrtptest.cpp.

const Participant* RTPApplication::getParticipant (const std::string &cname) const

const std::string& RTPApplication::getPRIVPrefix () const [inline]

const std::string& RTPApplication::getSDESItem (SDESItemTypeitem) const [inline]

void RTPApplication::setPRIVPrefix (const std::string &val) [inline]

void RTPApplication::setSDESItem (SDESItemTypeitem, const std::string &val) [inline]

Examples: ccrtptest.cpp, rtplisten.cpp, and rtpsend.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ApplicationHandler [friend]


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