anjuta(1) GNOME Integrated Development Environment


anjuta [option] [files ... ]


Anjuta is a GNOME IDE and can be used to create either GNOME/GTK+ applications with glade or glade-gnome, or can be used for creating generic applications. It is primarily designed for use with C/C++ and features an easy to use debugger and compilation environment.


-h, --help
Output help Anjuta command-line options and exit.
Output GTK+ command-line options and exit.
Output all command-line options and exit.
-v, --version
Output version information and exit.
-s, --no-splash
Do not show the splashscreen at startup.
-c, --no-client
Start a new instance and do not open the file in an existing instance.
-n, --no-session
Do not open last session on startup.
-f, --no-files
Do not open last project and files on startup.
-p, --proper-shutdown
Shut down Anjuta properly, releasing all resources (for debugging).
-g, --geometry string
Specify the size and location of the main window, using the standard X window geometry syntax: WIDTHxHEIGHT+XOFF+YOFF.
Anjuta supports all the generic GTK options, a full list is available on the Anjuta help screen using --help-gtk.


This man page was originally written by Rob Bradford <[email protected]>, extended by Jens Georg <[email protected]>. Anjuta was developed by Kh. Naba Kumar Singh <[email protected]>